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Resources for Military Leaders

Iron Diamonds:
Senior Enlisted Community with primary focus for First Sergeants, Staff (Bde and higher) Master Sergeants, Sergeant Majors, and Command Sergeant Majors. This community leverages years of experience, lessons learned, and proven products to assist members with excelling as Subverant Leaders.

3ANS-Army Sisters United:
A Sisterhood community established to facilitate virtual mentorship sessions while encouraging continued education, cross-functional collaboration and networking. 3ANS serves solely to improve the continued development of all female leaders as they serve within an ever-changing, male dominated organization.

Senior Leaders Network:
A mentorship community developed for Sergeant First Classes (SFC) to Command Sergeant Majors (CSM) and all Officers. SLN was developed to provide an opportunity for senior leaders to receive necessary tools for success throughout their careers via an Advise, Coach, Train (A.C.T) ideology. Leaders within this community openly share their knowledge and experiences in a trusted and confidential environment.

Signal Leaders Network:
A Signal | Communications community developed to enhance our formations technical competencies, share resources and build stronger networks.

Military Women's Network:
An open Sisterhood Community for all Sisters in Arms centered and built upon time-honored traditions and customs. Within the MWN we focus on sisterhood, empowerment, and education.

ACFT Training Community:
Army Combat Training Community serves to motivate, educate, and inspire leaders as they transition from the APFT to ACFT. Within this virtual community leaders are encouraged to share proven tips, workout programs, and resources to help Soldiers become more agile and physically fit.

NCO Support Forum:
A leader-centric community and network established to assist all leaders (enlisted and officer) via an Advise, Coach, Train platform. This exceptional community allows leaders an opportunity to effect positive change, expand their spheres of influence, ask questions, and pull proven products from an expansive document library.
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Large and In Charge No More: Trade Edition Large and In Charge No More: A Journey to Vulnerable Leadership (Trade)

Interested in becoming the best leader you can be? Consider becoming more vulnerable. That’s the message retired Major General Mike Milano proposes in this engaging book. Sharing real-life experiences, Milano examines how vulnerability is no longer a dirty word when it comes to leadership.
In a world that celebrates tough leaders who show no weakness, Milano suggests another model is more desirable. Using his own extensive experience from climbing the Army hierarchy to combat tours of duty in Iraq to a retail distribution center in the U.S., he shows how the old model of leadership is becoming less viable in a changing world.
After 33 successful years in the US Army and 7 with Target Corporation, Milano is convinced that the answer to great leadership in the future lies in a single concept. The incredible power of vulnerability.

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