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The Mentor - Everything You Need To Know About Leadership & Counseling (Damaged)
The Mentor - Everything You Need To Know About Leadership & Counseling (Damaged)

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1886715025
Author: CSM (R) Mark Gerecht

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For a decade, The Mentor has been considered one of the most practical and informative references available to U.S. Army Leaders. This new 12th anniversary edition has been completely renovated. The data, references, advice, and example documents that thousands have come to expect from The Mentor have all returned in force. The content, updated in accordance with current doctrine, has been reorganized for easier readability. It's new format makes it your "quick and dirty" guide for all your leadership issues. Learn to counsel, evaluate, correct, and initiate adverse actions in a fashion that will achieve positive results. Your primary goal as a leader is to grow, shape, and mold your team to be as mission-effective as possible. Some leaders will choose to do this by brute strength or force of will. This book focuses on building a cohesive unit by following simple principles that foster good will and show your Soldiers that you care. The Mentor is well-known for containing numerous counseling examples that give leaders a starting point for filling out the DA FORM 4856 (Developmental Counseling Form) in a manner that addresses many common scenarios. This tradition continues in the 11th edition which now contains twice as many counselings —fifty in all! The counseling forms each come complete with a listing of applicable references that address the situation at hand. Also new to this edition, the example counselings include text in the assessment block. Did the Soldier follow the plan of action? Were they successful in turning around their poor behavior? Failing to document these resolutions is irresponsible and is one of the key signs of a sloppy leader. This book is one of Mentor Enterprises' flagship products and a GiPubs best seller. The Mentor is a down to earth leadership and counseling book that gets to the point. It makes an excellent reference for yourself and a wonderful gift for newly promoted NCOs and Officers. The Mentor also contains detailed sections on:

  • Promotion Boards: how to prepare for a promotion board, board procedures and strategy, Reporting, how to answer questions, Soldier of the Quarter, NCO of the Quarter, and Audie Murphy boards
  • Corrective Training and Privileges: What is corrective training, Examples of Corrective Training, Reference for Corrective Training, Revocation of Privileges
  • Adverse Actions: The Chapter Process, Common Chapter Actions, Suspending Chapters, Actions Prohibited by a Flag, Bars to Reenlistment
  • References: A complete listing of Army Regulations, Graphic Training Aids, Field Manuals, and Punitive Articles for the UCMJ
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on adverse actions and repetitive tasks!
  • Counselings now include references and example assessments!
  • 53 leadership challenge scenarios
  • Great tool in preparing young leaders for difficult challenges. Also an excellent board preparation guide!
  • Suggestions on how to improve morale and teamwork within a unit
  • Samples of how to motivate your Soldiers to excel
  • Numerous internet addresses to assist leaders in solving leadership challenges
  • Extensive reference listing of ARs, FMs, GTAs, and UCMJ Articles
  • Overview of Adverse Actions

Contains the Following Army Counseling Examples:

  • AWOL
  • Diagnostic APFT Failure
  • Record APFT Failure
  • Borderline APFT Failure
  • Failure to Take APFT on Time
  • Bar to Reenlistment
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Certificate of Training
  • Standard Derogatory (Magic Statement)
  • Disobeying an Order
  • Disrespect
  • Divorce
  • Drunk on Duty
  • Excess Leave Balance
  • Extended Travel Pass
  • Initial Family Care Plan
  • Valid Family Care Plan
  • Invalid Family Care Plan
  • Failure to Report
  • Initiate or Transfer Flag
  • Lifting a Flag Action
  • Initial Issue of Government Travel Card
  • GT Improvement
  • Improper Relationship
  • Indebtedness
  • Initial (Specialist & Below)
  • Initial (NCO)
  • Key Leader Card
  • Letter to the President of a Centralized Promotion Board
  • Letter of Appreciation
  • Letter to Soldier's Parents
  • Lost I.D. Tags
  • Loss of Sensitive Item
  • Mental Health Referral
  • Missed Appointment
  • Monthly Counseling for Specialist and Below
  • Negligent Weapons Discharge
  • Negligent Weapons Discharge (Leader)
  • Off Duty Employment Approved
  • Off Duty Employment Disapproved
  • Borderline overweight
  • Borderline overweight Prior to NCOES
  • Initial overweight counseling
  • Overweight Satisfactory Progress
  • Overweight Unsatisfactory Progress
  • Pregnancy
  • Promotion Counseling
  • Fully Eligible Not Recommended for Promotion
  • Protective Order
  • Reception & Integration
  • Safety Briefing
  • Sleeping on Duty
  • TA Request
  • Underage Drinking
  • Unprofessional Conduct
  • WLC Counseling
  • Blank Continuation of Counseling Sheet

What Others are Saying about The Mentor

"Command Sergeant Major (Ret) Mark Gerecht's classic, The Mentor, will coach you through the toughest leadership challenges and show you the way to make your team members shine. In straight forward style, spiced with examples from real life, Mark Gerecht's writing has the potential to become the knowledgeable mentor that you always wished you had. Your boss will be impressed with your skills, but more importantly your soldiers will excel and the mission will get done with a lot less struggle on your part. The Mentor is a must read for serious military leaders." —Col (Ret) Jo B. Rusin "The title truly speaks for itself! The book has truly been a "Mentor" to me in regards to leadership and taking care of my Soldiers. As a Junior Enlisted Soldier, I prepared myself for eventual promotion to the NCO ranks and becoming a leader of Soldiers by reading the mentor, and getting ready for the times when I would have to write counselings. As an NCO, I have used the mentor for professional development along with Army regulations to ensure I cover everything in my counselings. My Soldiers deserve only the best! The Mentor provided ideas I would have never thought about and has been instrumental in my leadership and enhanced my skills in developing my Soldiers and maintaining a team with a great working relationship." —SSG Mackie Ocampo "The Mentor is a must have book for any Soldier in today's Army. I have used this book for the last 10 years of my career and it has not only given me the expertise I needed but saved me countless hours of looking up information. Get a copy today and improve your leadership skills. It is definitely a book of knowledge you cannot do without." —SGM Linda Kessinger

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Counseling - Doctrine
  • Chapter 2: Counseling - Lessons Learned
  • Chapter 3: Corrective Training & Privileges
  • Chapter 4: Promotions
  • Chapter 5: Leadership Challenges
  • Chapter 6: Adverse Actions
  • Chapter 7: Example Documents
  • Chapter 8: Administrative Seperations
  • Chapter 9: References

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