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The Evaluator: The Comprehensive Guide For Preparing Evaluation Reports and Counselings (Cover Defects)
The Evaluator: The Comprehensive Guide For Preparing Army NCOERs/OERs and Counselings

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Blemished places on the cover, but everything the else is new.
Newest Versio
This is the most updated and comprehensive guide on the market, fully updated with the latest regulation. Provides an overview of the regulation, citing paragraphs and page numbers in the regulation, over 1,000 NCOER bullet comments for all portions of the NCOER broken down by competence, physical fitness, leadership, training, responsibility/accountability, values.

Each area includes bullets for all levels of performance. These are further divided into 15 subcategories to assist the rater and senior rater, gives guidance on relief for cause reports, how to appeal, providing proper counseling, frequently asked questions, key term definition, and a word listing.

Also applies to the National Guard and Army Reserve.


  • The New Evaluator (2016 Edition) clarifies areas of AR 623-3 and DA PAM 623-3
  • Table of Contents that is broken down not only by subject but by specific areas of concern that many leaders are not aware exist
  • Lessons Learned/Experience/Notes about specific areas of the regulation you cannot find in doctrine
  • Items that are required to be entered on an evaluation report
  • Samples of the OER DA FORM 67-10-1A and NCOER DA FORM 2166-9-1A support forms


  • Relief for Cause for Inefficiency or Unacceptable Performance
  • Relief for Cause for Misconduct or Willful Neglect
  • Actions to Consider After Relief
  • Appeals
  • Counseling Preparation
  • Counseling Read Ahead Packet for Soldier
  • Counseling Notification Process
  • Counseling Execution
  • Closing the Counseling Session

Bullets and Write Up Examples:

  • Sample NCOER Rater Bullets for Far Exceeds, Exceeds, Met Standards, Did Not Meet Standards
  • Sample NCOER Senior Rater write ups: Most Qualified, Highly Qualified, Qualified, and Not Qualified.
  • Sample OER Rater example statements for: Excels, Proficient, Capable, Unsatisfactory
  • Sample OER Senior Rater example statements for: Most Qualified, Highly Qualified, Not Qualified
  • All bullets statements can be used to help develop narratives.

Bullets are organized to match the new Doctrinal categories and where appropriate are further divided into sub categories of each Doctrinal category:

  • Character
    • Values
  • Presence, including:
    • Bearing, Fitness, Confidence, Resilience
  • Intellect, Including:
    • Mental Agility, Sound Judgement, Innovation, Interpersonal tact, expertise,
  • Leads:
    • Including Leads others, extends influence beyond chain of command, builds trust, Leads by example, communicate
  • Develops, including
    • Developing people and organizations, esprit de corps, teamwork, promotes cohesion, seeks self-improvement, develops subordinates
  • Achieves, including
    • Gets Results, accomplishes the mission

Find bullets quickly. To find the bullets you want quickly you need to pick the doctrinal area of leadership and then pick one of our focusing categories:

  • Awards
  • Basic Skills
  • Competition
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Dollars & Percentages
  • Education
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Recognition
  • Retention
  • Safety
  • Weapons
  • Works Above Grade
  • Miscellaneous

Additional Points:

  • How to Counsel
  • Example of an Initial Counseling
  • Bullet Techniques
  • Narrative Techniques/Examples
  • How to Appeal
  • Suggestions on How to Prepare a Relief for Cause Report
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