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Leader Essential Bundle
Leader Essential Bundle - Mentor Military

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The following items are included with this product:

If you want to be a great leader then this bundle is for you!

The Mentor

For a decade,The Mentor has been considered one of the most practical and informative references available to U.S. Army Leaders. The data, references, advice, and example documents that thousands have come to expect fromThe Mentorhave all returned in force. The content, updated in accordance with current doctrine, has been reorganized for easier readability. It's new format makes it your "quick and dirty" guide for all your leadership issues.

Learn to counsel, evaluate, correct, and initiate adverse actions in a fashion that will achieve positive results. Your primary goal as a leader is to grow, shape, and mold your team to be as mission-effective as possible. Some leaders will choose to do this by brute strength or force of will. This book focuses on building a cohesive unit by following simple principles that foster good will and show your Soldiers that you care.

The Mentor also contains detailed sections on:

  • Promotion Boards: how to prepare for a promotion board, board procedures and strategy, Reporting, how to answer questions, Soldier of the Quarter, NCO of the Quarter, and Audie Murphy boards
  • Corrective Training and Privileges: What is corrective training, Examples of Corrective Training, Reference for Corrective Training, Revocation of Privileges
  • Adverse Actions: The Chapter Process, Common Chapter Actions, Suspending Chapters, Actions Prohibited by a Flag, Bars to Reenlistment
  • References: A complete listing of Army Regulations, Graphic Training Aids, Field Manuals, and Punitive Articles for the UCMJ
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on adverse actions and repetitive tasks!
  • Counselings now include references and example assessments!
  • 53 leadership challenge scenarios
  • Great tool in preparing young leaders for difficult challenges. Also an excellent board preparation guide!
  • Suggestions on how to improve morale and teamwork within a unit
  • Samples of how to motivate your Soldiers to excel
  • Numerous internet addresses to assist leaders in solving leadership challenges
  • Extensive reference listing of ARs, FMs, GTAs, and UCMJ Articles
  • Overview of Adverse Actions

The Evaluator

This is the most updated and comprehensive guide on the market, fully updated with the latest regulation. Provides an overview of the regulation, citing paragraphs and page numbers in the regulation, over 1,000 NCOER bullet comments for all portions of the NCOER broken down by competence, physical fitness, leadership, training, responsibility/accountability, values.

Each area includes bullets of excellence, success, and needs improvement. These are further divided in 15 subcategories to assist the rater and senior rater, gives guidance on relief for cause reports, how to appeal, providing proper counseling, frequently asked questions, key term definition, and a word listing.

Also applies to the National Guard and Army Reserve.

This book will teach you:

  • How to conduct an NCOER counseling (Includes a counseling checklist)
  • How to properly fill out an NCOER form (DA FORM 2166-8)
  • Techniques for writing bullets
  • Numerous sources that will assist in the preparing of an NCOER counseling and evaluation
  • How to appeal to an NCOER (Includes an Appeal Checklist)
  • Suggestions on Relief for Cause NCOER (Includes items to consider concerning Relief actions)
  • The answers to frequently asked questions
  • How to prepare fair, accurate, and just NCOERs.

The Evaluator is a great resource that will assist in preparing professional evaluation reports; A tool that will dramatically reduce the amount of time spent preparing NCOERs. No leader can afford to be without The Evaluator!

The Trainer

The Trainer is a military training guide based on Army doctrine and over 25 years of military training experience. It was designed to help leaders at the Squad, Platoon, and Company level to develop meaningful and realistic training that will teach your Soldiers critical thinking skills.

The Trainer Includes the Following Subject Areas

  • How to Conduct a Unit Training Assessment
  • Training Scenarios
  • Physical Training
  • Lane Training
  • Family Readiness Group Training
  • Extract of FM 7-0
  • How to Conduct a Training Meeting
  • Checklists
  • After Action Reviews
  • Weapons Training
  • Training Circular Listing

Items Covered Include:

Training Subjects and Ideas on:
  • CBRN
  • Driver's
  • First Aid
  • Professional Development
  • Maintenance
  • Land Navigation
  • Survival Training
  • Adventure Training
  • Mission Other Than War

Checklists Include:

  • AAR
  • APFT
  • Army Schools
  • Range Preparation
  • Convoy
  • Recovery Operations
  • Deployment
  • Defense Planning

The Writer

Includes over 350 Army award examples!

The Writer is now available in its 4th Edition. This new edition now includes over 350 approved award examples, more twice the content of previous editions, and now includes combat awards. Mark Gerecht delivers a step-by-step walk through complete with a checklist, flowcharts, examples and blank templates. The Writer also includes extracts from AR 600-8-22 to help explain regulation in regards to specific awards and medals.

Learn how reduce the amount of time spent constructing awards while increasing the likelihood that your award recommendation will be approved as written. Discover how to plan, organize, and write your awards in a strategic step-by-step process.

  • Determine a Soldier's award eligibility,
  • gauge the appropriate type and level of award for a given achievement,
  • and take Soldier information from various sources and filter it into relevant categories.
  • Develop achievement statements from gathered information
  • Draft an award citation
  • Prepare your argument should the award you recommend be downgraded or disapproved.

Hundreds of example bullets and sentences

This is the new and improved 4th edition which includes a new easy-to-navigate format, an expanded first chapter, and over 350 Opening, Helping, and Closing sentences for citations are provided to make your award citation shine. Learn how to compose combat narratives, combat citations, and awards for valor.

All examples are organized into the following categories: Leadership, Staff Positions, Recognition, Volunteer, Special Duty Positions, Inspections/Evaluations, Deployment, and Miscellaneous. No leader can afford to be without The Writer!

Table of Contents

  • CHAPTER 1: Award Preparation
  • CHAPTER 2: Opening Sentences for Citations
  • CHAPTER 3: Helping Sentences for Citations
  • CHAPTER 4: Closing Sentences for Citations
  • CHAPTER 5: Achievement Statements
  • CHAPTER 6: Sample Citations
  • CHAPTER 7: Narratives
  • CHAPTER 8: Word Listing

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